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Sichuan Wetouch Road Show in Australia

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    On August 16, 2017, Sichuan Wetouch Technology Co., Ltd. Australia Sydney station road scene, institutional individual investors crowded, more than 300 road signs seat packed, investors responded enthusiastically, have asked the company listed information, carefully judged and there are many investors into the program.

    Mr. Cai Guangde, Chairman of Sichuan Wetouch Board of Directors, visited the roadshow scene to brief the investors on the company's recent production status and development vision, and was invited to the Australian financial mainstream media to accept television interviews to introduce the Australian Wetouch’s listing. The media said, WETOUCH Melbourne and Sydney roadshow, is in recent years, in the shares of ASX listed companies have done the best investor roadshow activities! Viagra refueling, looking forward to the bells sounded the moment! 

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